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Downlight | adjustable

Our rotatable and swivelling LED recessed luminaires fit flush into ceilings and walls and enable both wide-ranging illumination and targeted accentuation.

Size | Cut-out dimension: ø75 mm | ø118 mm | ø146 mm | ø184 mm
Power: ≤ 10 Watt – ≤ 40 Watt
Beam angle: 20° | 30° | 40° | 60°
Luminous flux: 1.100 Lumen – 4.400 Lumen
Colour temperature: warm white+ 2.500 Kelvin – daylight 6.500 Kelvin


With our high-quality and simple LED Downlights you can adapt your light to your personal wishes: Whether as basic lighting for your rooms or for accentuating selected areas – the downlights can be swivelled and optionally dimmed to create any lighting atmosphere. Thanks to the energy-saving LED technology and their long service life, they are also very efficient

The round downlights are made of die-cast aluminium painted white.

Assembly: Uncomplicated by means of clips.

The desired power level and dimming capability can be defined using the driver. Available from 6 watts (approx. 660 lumens) to 40 watts (approx. 4,400 lumens).

Dimmability: greenius® LEDs can generally be controlled with all available LED or universal dimmers. If you have any questions, please contact us at.


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