Our ultra-flat energy-saving LED panels are an innovative and modern lighting solution: powerful illumination and even light distribution paired with a simple design – and that in an extremely energy-saving way.

Suitable for problem-free ceiling installation in existing ceiling grids (Odenwald ceiling), in frames or for pendant installation using a wire cable system.

Size: 62 cm | 120 cm x 30 cm
Power: ≤ 48 Watt
Luminous flux: ≤ 5.280 Lumen
Colour temperature: selectable: warm white 3.000 Kelvin – daylight 6.500 Kelvin


Our LED surface area lights are ideal for ensuring uniform lighting for both small rooms and large areas, as they illuminate the entire surface and emit light very homogeneously. Due to their extremely flat construction of 12 mm, they are also suitable for rooms with low ceiling heights.

Mounting: They can be mounted in the frame directly on the ceiling and wall or suspended by means of a wire rope system. Mounting frame and wire rope system are available separately.

The 620 x 620 mm version can also be easily inserted into existing ceiling grids (Odenwald ceiling).

The required power and dimming capability can be defined using the driver. Available in 24 Watt (approx. 2,400 lumens), 26 Watt (approx. 2,600 lumens), 36 Watt (approx. 3,600 lumens) or 48 Watt (approx. 4,800 lumens).

Dimmability: Anyone with different lighting requirements should opt for dimmable lamps. greenius® LEDs can generally be controlled with all available LED or universal dimmers. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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62 cm