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We bring light into the darkness!

… with a comprehensive range of services and products.

We take a holistic approach to LED lighting.

If you wish, we can provide you with everything from a single source:
In addition to our greenius® LED luminaires, we offer you a comprehensive service – from on-site stocktaking and consultation to lighting planning and installation… regardless of the height!
Furthermore, in cooperation with our partner ENERGIE4B®, we can help you to achieve an inexpensive energy supply with green electricity – and thus generate further savings potential. And this also applies to branch systems throughout Germany!

lighting design

Careful analysis and professional lighting design

are the basis of optimal systems for LED outdoor lighting with maximum quality and energy efficiency. Professional planning ensures that the lighting solutions planned for later use also achieve the desired illuminance and light distribution.

Planning must comply with the technical regulations for workplaces (ASR), the statutory provisions of which serve to protect the safety and health of employees at the workplace. The corresponding regulations can be found in DIN EN 12464-1 and DIN EN 12464-2 as well as in the Workplace Directive. For example, they specify how much light is to be present, how it is to be distributed and how glare is to be limited.

light control

Modern lighting management enables the energy-saving use of light:

Light is only used where it is needed and only as much as is currently needed.
Depending on the application, dimmability, daylight-dependent control and presence or time switching offer additional savings potential.

Our outdoor luminaires can be embedded in existing lighting control systems or equipped with autonomous sensors (e.g. daylight-dependent twilight switches and presence sensors). This ensures increased efficiency and maximised lighting comfort in daily use.


We “settle” this for you!

We cooperate with numerous electrical installation specialists. If required, we will be happy to put you in touch with an efficient electrical company from our partner network, which will carry out the installation and commissioning of our LEDs.

If you want to convince yourself in advance of the quality and the technical characteristics of our LED outdoor lighting, we will be happy to provide you with samples for a free test installation in the planned environment. Please contact us.