About us

MANUFACTURER+ for professional LED luminaires and services from a single source

As an expert for energy-efficient lighting based in Lüneburg, we have been manufacturing premium LED lighting fixtures under our own brand greenius® since 2013 and primarily modernise industrial and commercial lighting systems.

Our greenius® LED products are extremely efficient, robust and virtually low-maintenance and meet the high demands placed on industrial luminaires.

They help to significantly reduce power consumption and at the same time sustainably improve lighting quality.

In addition, LEDs make an active contribution to environmental protection: due to their low energy consumption, they demonstrably reduce CO2 emissions. Unlike conventional energy-saving lamps, they do not contain any toxic mercury.

Our range of greenius® LEDs currently includes over 400 LED products for commercial use. We follow the trends and the demand of our customers and continuously expand and revise our product range.

The fact that the highest quality is coupled with attractive pricing at our company is due to both our lean company structure and our direct sales channels.

We at greenius® are convinced: the future of lighting is green!