Light control

enables the energy-saving use of light.

Modern light management – for increased efficiency and maximised lighting comfort

Light is only used where it is needed – and only as much as is needed at the time.
Depending on the application, dimmability, daylight-dependent control and presence or time switching offer additional savings potential.
Our luminaires can be embedded in existing lighting control systems or equipped with autonomous sensor technology (e.g. daylight-dependent twilight switch and presence sensor). They thus ensure increased efficiency and maximised lighting comfort in daily use.


Example from the practice

Before and after comparison


Classic example from practice: The lighting situation of a storage area is insufficient according to the workplace guidelines (ASR). The company works in three shifts (6-day week).

After retrofitting to greenius® LED, approx. 400 % more luminous intensity. An intelligent DALI control system with presence detectors provides a savings potential of 14,700 euros and an ROI after 26.9 months (incl. installation) in the 5-year profitability analysis.


  • 6 aisles of 7 luminaires each = 42 luminaires (10 of which are defective)
  • Type of luminaire: 2 T8 fluorescent tubes each 58 W plus ballast
  • Illuminance: Ø 100 lux
  • No lighting control
  • Total system power: 4,060 watts


  • 6 aisles of 3 luminaires each = 18 luminaires.
  • Luminaire type: LB-PRO warehouse spotlight, 150 W, beam angle 30 x 70°.
  • Illuminance: Ø 400 lux (ASR-compliant, levelled at Ø 200 lux)
  • DALI-controlled with B.E.G. presence detector
  • Total system power: 792 watts (at Ø 200 lux)



The consumption figures shown in the comparison graphs are extracts from the customer’s energy performance records (power metering).