Our environment – greenius® acts climate neutrally

Less energy consumed means fewer emissions of the harmful greenhouse gas CO2: thanks to their sustainable energy efficiency in daily use, our LED products per se ensure significant savings in CO2.

That’s great – but not enough for us!

Our goal is a 100 % climate-neutral business activity – responsible use of natural resources is important to us! We put our products on the market in a CO2-neutral way by offsetting our carbon footprint. We neutralise emissions that arise from our business activities and cannot be avoided through high-quality CO2 reduction certificates from the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).


Topic Sustainability

In addition to reducing emissions, the issue of sustainability is also close to our hearts.

In the design and continuous further development of our products, we make sure to plan our luminaires as modularly as possible and to design them accordingly. Some luminaires can be opened and connected without tools, which also saves time and money during commissioning.

Our TOPSELLERS already follow this approach consistently. All important components of the luminaires are available as spare parts – in case of failure after the warranty period, the products can be repaired and do not have to be disposed of! This saves money, avoids waste and protects the environment.


greenius® pays off! – Our customers save annually:

kWh energy
€ Energy costs
Tons CO2