Our core areas

greenius® stands for professional and demand-optimised LED lighting for industry and commerce as well as outdoor areas.

For over 8 years, we have been growing with and for our customers and their projects and are continuously expanding our service and product portfolio.

We provide our customers from the manufacturing industry (especially mechanical engineering and the food industry) with holistic and individual solutions for production halls and warehouses, aisles, staircases and outdoor areas close to buildings.

Lighting in the commercial sector is based on the respective requirements and the lighting scenery needed by our customers: Whether retail, car dealerships, workshops, office environments and administrations, medical practices, church congregations, fitness and sports areas… we find THE optimal light solution for every project.

Our greenius® LED outdoor lighting provides lighting solutions for car parks, paths, entrance areas as well as factory roads and storage and logistics areas.


The following pages provide information about our core business areas and the products used for them.