LED workplace luminaires

The demands on office task luminaires are high: optimal lighting conditions increase concentration, creativity and performance.

Our LED luminaires from the Office series provide brilliant light that is also intelligent thanks to technological innovations.

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Dimmable, other versions with intelligent sensors

Standard-compliant and glare-free

High visual comfort

Energy efficient

Stylish modern design

Series properties

Product variants

Mira Variants
Hanna Variants
Theo Variants

Mira Variants

Hanna Variants

Theo Variants

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    LED Panel Light | PRO SERIES

    Ultra-flat energy-saving premium LED panel as an innovative and prestigious lighting solution: powerful illumination and uniform light distribution combined with modern design.

    LED panel | round

    The ultra-flat and space-saving surface-mounted luminaires in the form of a round LED panel with integrated frame provide homogeneous and uniform general lighting in a simple and classically modern design: suitable for wall and ceiling mounting, available in different sizes.

    TL | Track Spotlight

    Our energy-efficient LED track spotlight (3-phase) offers maximum flexibility with a rotation and tilt angle of 350°. It can be mounted on all commercially available track systems and directed specifically at a highlight in the room.