Shop, car repair shop or office lighting – as complex as lighting systems are:
greenius® has an extensive range of solutions and THE idea for your project too.

Wide range of applications

We offer you high-quality and energy-efficient greenius® LED products for ergonomic light that can be flexibly adapted to different work situations and professionally retrofit your lighting system to LED technology according to your wishes and specifications.

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New buildings

Our greenius® workplace lights

We offer you a selected range of high-quality office and workplace luminaires. Of course, all our office and workplace luminaires meet the specifications and requirements of the workplace guidelines (ASR) – and also offer a number of features that additionally save energy and make your working day more pleasant:

Infinitely adjustable colour temperature of the light, sensor technology for automatic daylight control and presence control reliably ensure optimal and energy-efficient illumination of your workplace.

In addition, the emission of indirectly directed light causes a pleasant and uniform illumination of your workplace environment.


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Recessed raster luminaire – turn old into new

The “classic” in office and shop areas are recessed louvre luminaires, which are usually equipped with four T8 fluorescent tubes of 18 W each. The fluorescent tubes within a louvre are operated with a conventional (CCG / CCG) or an electronic (EB) ballast, depending on the design.

The system consumption of a recessed louvre luminaire with fluorescent tubes is therefore made up of the power consumption of the four fluorescent tubes (4 x 18 W) plus the ballast (20-30 W).

In total, a louvre with fluorescent tubes consumes an average of about 90 watts.

The so-called retrofit is the quickest and most cost-effective way to convert to LED technology – provided that the technical condition of the existing louvre luminaires does not show any defects. In this case, the existing fluorescent tubes and their starters are replaced by LED tubes and starter bridges. The system power of a louvre can be reduced to approx. 40 watts.

With an LED panel, only about 28 watts of system power are needed to produce the same luminous intensity. So you save a good 2/3 of the energy used so far.

Converting to LED panels is worthwhile – and gives your premises a visual refresh at the same time.

NOTE: fluorescent lamps will be taken off the market from 1 September 2023.