Our robust and highly efficient AREA PRO SPORT LED outdoor luminaire provides an optimal lighting solution for every sports facility as well as large outdoor areas – regardless of whether it is a container terminal or a transshipment point, a football pitch or stadium, from the district league to the Bundesliga… Adapted to the specifications for the competition and training situations of various sports, the AREA PRO SPORT ensures ideal and standard-compliant lighting conditions even in adverse weather conditions.

Various symmetrical and asymmetrical optics offer a wide range of applications: excellent and uniform light distribution, constant light intensity – independent of voltage fluctuations.

Extremely durable and virtually maintenance-free. Solid die-cast aluminium housing, IP66, IK08. Snow load 400kg/m2.

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AREA PRO SPORT is compatible with existing electrical installations and poles.

Accessories: Scope allows quick and precise alignment of the lighting system for best possible and uniform illumination.

One-piece die-cast aluminium heat sink, compact yet robust, surface with outdoor powder coating, good corrosion resistance.

Ergonomic slim design for low wind resistance.

Quick connection – connector box with IP67 stainless steel cable gland.

Integrated or separate technology box available: If desired, the technology box (driver for power supply to the LEDs) can be placed externally for maintenance purposes, thus also reducing the weight on the pole.

Membrane on the light and in the technical box prevent fogging and moisture problems.

AREA PRO SPORT is optionally available with all known types of control (e.g. DALI, DMX…).

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    Our FLEX-SERIES: The one for all areas in an understated design!

    Innovative technology, high efficiency and a wide variety of designs make the LED outdoor luminaires of the FLEX SERIES an all-rounder for lighting industrial facilities, streets and squares. Even under adverse conditions, the luminaires provide optimal and standard-compliant lighting:

    Different optics offer a wide range of applications. Extremely durable and virtually maintenance-free. Solid die-cast aluminium housing for optimum heat transfer, IP65 – IP67.

    Available as surface-mounted or surface-mounted luminaire as well as for other installation forms – wide range of adapters and brackets for the most diverse installation projects.

    AREA – PRO A

    Our robust and highly efficient LED lighting solution for streets and squares guarantees optimal and standard-compliant lighting even under adverse conditions: more than 20 optics offer a wide range of applications. Extremely durable and virtually maintenance-free. Solid housing made of die-cast aluminium, IP67.

    AREA – PRO F

    Uniform and low-glare lighting: our technically mature and robust LED outdoor luminaires for streets, access roads, (cycle) paths and parks offer a wide range of applications with more than 20 optics. Extremely durable and virtually maintenance-free.


    Compact and weatherproof LED floodlights that provide the best possible illumination with seven selectable and interchangeable beam patterns. Convenient connection – cable is fed directly into housing that can be opened without tools.

    AREA – PRO G

    Our unobtrusive LED outdoor luminaire AREA PRO G for wall mounting provides energy-efficient, precisely fitting light outdoors even under adverse conditions. Over 20 selectable optics offer a wide range of applications. Extremely durable and virtually maintenance-free. Solid housing made of die-cast aluminium, IP 65.

    AREA – PRO L

    Our AREA PRO L LED outdoor luminaire combines traditional streetlight design with sophisticated LED technology and practical functions for simple and fast installation and maintenance. With the aid of selectable optics, it illuminates the road space highly efficiently, purposefully and reliably.

    Triproof TP ATEX (EX)

    Highly efficient LED Triproof TP ATEX (damp-proof luminaire): bright, robust and splash-proof (IP 66).

    Our EX luminaires for use in hazardous areas meet the strict requirements of the ATEX directive. They combine the highest technical safety requirements with high efficiency and lighting quality.