Light planning

– careful analysis and professional lighting design

… are the basis of optimal installations for LED lighting with maximum quality and energy efficiency. Professional planning ensures that the planned lighting solutions also achieve the desired illuminance and light distribution in later use.

During planning, it is important to comply with the technical regulations for workplaces (ASR), the legal stipulations of which serve the safety and health protection of employees at the workplace. The relevant regulations can be found in DIN EN 12464-1 and DIN EN 12464-2 as well as in the workplace directive. For example, they specify how much light should be provided, how it should be distributed and how glare should be limited.

Using software, the planned lighting installation can be simulated and the result of the planning graphically displayed. In addition, it is possible to identify further potential for saving light sources or to optimise the planning.


Lichtinstallation Evaluation
Lichtinstallation 3D View
Lichtinstallation Analysis
Lichtinstallation Implementation

Planning results

We provide you with the finished lighting design as a PDF file or, on request, also as a video. Take a look at a test design here and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Using software, we simulate the planned lighting installation and can graphically display the result of the planning. Based on this representation, it is possible to identify further savings potential for the illuminants, if necessary, or to optimise the planning. SO YOU KNOW BEFOREHAND WHAT YOU WILL SEE LATER!


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Print file

The finished lighting design includes a comprehensive implementation plan with precise information on the type of luminaire used, installation points and their mounting heights as well as the results of the luminous intensity achieved in each case.

Planungsausgabe gedruckt